Tactical flashlights light and best uses

warrior-pic-2Besides the more common LED bulb lights that come with tactical flashlights-there are also incandescent options available. Much as incandescent bulbs are replaceable and give off better colors, a number of manufacturers tend to produce flashlights with LED bulbs since they tend to be shock proof and have a better lifespan as compared to the incandescent ones. There are numerous lumens of light to consider while buying a flashlight- from 1 lumen to over 700 lumens.

The choice is yours in determining how much light you wish your flashlight to have; however below we shall have a look at the different lumens and how they might affect your flashlight usage.

When we talk of lumens, we mean the measure of luminous flux which is the total amount of power or light energy that comes out of the face of the flashlight. This means that the higher the lumens, the powerful the light coming out of the flashlight. This does not however mean that great tactical flashlights should have high lumens-there are other things to take into consideration such as the reflector and distance in which the light shines.

Let’s have a look at the different lumens and how they might affect the use of tactical flashlights:

  • Flashlights with 1-14 lumens are meant to be used in times when very limited light will do.
  • Flashlights with 15-59 lumens will let you only see your immediate surroundings however; there is no enough brightness to temporarily blind the enemy.
  • Flashlights with 60-149 lumens have just enough light to help you see things outdoor. In other words it is great for those walking in the night and need some bit of light to shine their path.
  • Flashlights with 150-299 lumens not only light up a large room but can cause temporary blindness.
  • Flashlights with 300-699 lumens make use of specialty batteries and can be compared to nearly lighting up the entire football field.
  • Flashlights with 700+ lumens are for those who need maximum light while at the same time maintain a small handheld light. They are normally used by search and rescue teams.

Besides Lumens, the amount of light needed in a flashlight can also be determined by Candela and Beam distance. With Candela you are looking at the brightest point of light produced while with Beam distance you are looking at the distance in meters in which light can go till it reaches 0.25 lux(the amount of light output given off by a full moon on a clear night.

High peaks of brightness (candela) can be achieved by the beam angle. That is the smaller the beam angle the greater the peak brightness. As for the beam distance, the two things come into play-the reflector and the type of LED.… Read the rest

Reliable Car Detailing And Window Tinting In Orange County

Most Reliable Mobile Detailing And Window Tinting In Orange County

orange county car window tinting serviceHave you been wanting to get tinting on your vehicle, but you really haven’t found a company that is both affordable and reliable? Mobile detailing can also help your car or truck look its best, but it’s a lot of money to spend with a company that may not be able to do the best job. One of the things that you should consider doing is researching on the web the many different companies that offer these services, evaluating whether or not they will be right for you. There are some strategies that you can use to assess all of these businesses, or you can simply use a company called Platinum Plus, the most reliable business in Orange County for doing window tinting, mobile detailing and more.

Why You Can Trust Platinum Plus

If you do decide to do a little bit of research on these businesses, your research is going to lead you to the local listings. Although this has changed as of late, not presenting as many local businesses, it is still a good way to assess the type of ratings that they have, and also find out where they are located by clicking on the map button. There is also a button to click for their website so that you can see what type of services they offer, as well as testimonials that may also be on their website from customers that are happy with their service. You could also asked people that you know that have recently had window tinting, mobile detailing, or even have their headlights restored by certain companies in the Orange County area, or you can simply contact Platinum Plus. This is a company that has been offering these services for many years, true automotive reconditioning experts. You can contact them by using their phone number that is on their website, book an appointment, and sometimes have access to same day service. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on the work that they do on your vehicle, whether it is a regular family car or an exotic vehicle. Thousands of people have come to this company over the years and have nothing but praise for the type of work that they do, as well as the friendly staff that is there to serve you, allowing you to get your vehicle looking its best once again.

Although you could spend a considerable amount of time researching different companies in the Orange County area, you can save yourself hours of work and just contact Platinum Plus. Give them a call today and set an appointment to improve or restore your vehicle, a company that is considered to be the most reliable for all of these services in the Orange County area.… Read the rest

Some Cool Towing Accessories You Might Like

towing-accessoriesIf you’ve ever towed an RV or any type of trailer for that matter, you definitely understand the importance of having the right tow hitch for the job. There are so many different types of hitches to choose from and they all really depend on the type of job you’re up for. Some towing accessories and their uses are below.

Ball Mounts
The ball mount and a trailer hitch receiver are two different components which work together to allow a trailer to be towed. A ball mount slides into the hitch receiver and is generally locked in with a securing pin. When using a ball mount and a hitch receiver, make sure that you are aware of their capacities to ensure safe operations.

Hitch Balls
In some towing setups, the hitch ball is a separate component which attaches to the hitch has a removable ball. In this case, you are able to swap out various hitch balls on the same hitch which allows you to tow trailers with different coupler sizes. However, it’s very important that you make sure that the hitch’s specifications correlate with that of the hitch ball or else you can end up in a disaster type of situation.

This is the point of the trailer which allows it to be connected to the ball mounts on the vehicle. It’s very important that the ball mount for the trailer is the correct size for the coupler. If your coupler is too big you can very easily lose your trailer when you go over a bump. So it’s very important that you check the sizes of everything and make sure they correlate.

Locks, Pins, and Clips
These are probably the most overlooked pieces in a trailer towing system simply because they are not large in size. However, they are the tiny, but important components which keep everything locked in place. They’re used to make sure the hitch is secured to the hitch receiver, and the ball mount is secured to the coupler.

Safety Chains
In the rare event in which your trailer get disconnected from your vehicle, it’s very important that you have safety chains as a fallback system to remain connected to the trailer. It is also required in most states that you use safety chains when transporting trailers with your vehicle.

Weight Distribution Systems
These are great when dealing with lighter vehicles and heavy trailers. These types of systems are generally ideal when you’re dealing with trailer weights above 3,000 lbs. They allow you to retain a good amount of vehicular control when accelerating and braking by distributing the load of the trailer between the front and rear of the vehicle.

Trailer Jacks
If you are towing an RV or any type of trailer for that matter. This is a must to allow you to mount the trailer easily, efficiently and safely.

 … Read the rest

Finding The Best Trailer Towing Company To Help You

titanic-trailer-servicesIf you are in the market for finding a solid trailer towing company, you are going to want to be sure that you find one that is reputable. Below we will discuss some of the best ways to ensure that the towing company that you hire is reputable.

  1. Business
    The first thing that you are going to want to do is check to see how long the company has been in business. The longer the company has been in business, the greater the chances that they have experience in what they are doing. This also goes to show how reputable the company would be.
  2. Reputation
    The next thing that you are going to want to do is check out the companies reputation. The key to finding a solid towing company is going to be by finding a company that has a good reputation. You need to make sure that the company you hire has a good reputation because it is going to help you avoid hiring a poorly rated company. So you’ll want to check to see their reviews on various local business review sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Google maps and etc.
  3. Website
    The next thing that you are going to want to do is check out the company’s website. You want to be sure that the company cares about it’s reputation and it’s customers. Any company that does not have a good website is not a company that should be trusted in this day in age.
  4. Pricing
    The next thing that you are going to want to do is check out the companies pricing. They should be able to tell you how much they charge for the specific job that you have for them. The good saying says that if the price is too good to be true… it is. So be careful when dealing with companies which have their prices much lower than the competition. They may cut corners and you might be putting your valuable trailer at risk by allowing them to tow it for you.

If you follow these tips and guidelines, you should be well aware of how to look for a pretty good and reputable trailer towing company. We know that RV season is coming up soon, and a lot of you will be looking for a company who can move your RV, or Boat up to your cottage or camp site. And the task of finding a good company can be quite daunting at times. But we hope that you found this to be of some value.

Also, one trailer towing company which we do recommend who works out in Canada is Titanic Trailer Services. And another place you can go if your looking for a reputable trailer towing service is UShip.com. They basically connect you with a list of trailer towing companies who bid for your job. I use it quite a bit. Especially when I need to move my trailer over a long distance.… Read the rest

Towing Large Or Small

ttsTitanic Trailer Services is a flatbed towing truck service that is pretty to tow your vehicle 24 hours each day. There is nothing more infuriating than calling for a tow truck service and then waiting for hours upon hours until the tow truck finally arrives. This can happen because you have called a towing truck company that may only have a single driver and tow truck.

The problem may be that this company’s only driver is on a supper break. The service representative that you talk to neglects to tell you this fact. As you wait for your tow truck to arrive you suddenly realize that there is a possibility that he may never come. You should’ve called a tow truck company that has more than one vehicle and driver.

There is a company in the Toronto area that has a fleet of tow trucks. They have tow trucks for all sizes of vehicles from cars to the big rigs. They use a flatbed tow truck which is more preferable than the old style hook you up and pull tow trucks. They also have a direct line to a service agent will be able to provide you with the amount of time that you will be required to wait.

Due to the fact this company is very large, you will never have to wait more than 30 minutes for a truck to arrive. All of the tow truck drivers that work for this company have been professionally trained to provide you with excellent service. You will also notice that they are supremely friendly and helpful.

In fact, there was an occasion when a mother and her children had their RV break down on a cold and rainy night. The tow truck arrived within 15 minutes and the tow truck driver realized that the RV did not need a tow but simply required a minor mechanical adjustment. The friendly tow truck driver fixed this minor issue and the mother and her children were on the road within 30 minutes of breaking down.

Therefore, the next time that you require a flatbed tow truck you should called company that is known for its fast and speedy service. Having your car break down is one of the most frustrating things that a driver can experience. However, a lot of that frustration will disappear when you realize that you have the phone number of a reputable company.… Read the rest

Keeping your pool warm in the summer

swimming-poolWho said you can only enjoy swimming during the warm seasons? You can now enjoy using your pool even during cold weather thanks to solar heaters. A solar pool heater will ensure your swimming pool is kept warm. A solar pool heater uses radiation from the sun’s rays.

Parts of a solar pool heater.

Most if not all solar heaters will have the following parts:

  • Control valve. This is used to control the flow of water into the collector. They are varied depending on the manufacturer of the solar heater and may either be automatic or manual.
  • Solar collector. This device is where the water circulates as it gets heated by the sun.
  • Pump: This is used to circulate water from the collector into the swimming pool.
  • Filter: This helps in cleaning the water and removing debris before it is let into the collector.

Fully relying on your solar pool heater is not good. You need to have a backup plan for those days that the sun will not come out. A solar pool heater will probably work better for outdoor swimming pools because of the sun’s rays. It may be expensive to set up but eventually a solar pool heater will prove much more cost effective in the long run. It is obvious that doing something by yourself is always a cheaper option and so is making your own solar pool heater. You can obtain guidelines on how to make a pool heater from the internet. This may be achieved in a matter of days. To learn more about them, check out poolheaterhq.com.

Traditional heating vs. solar heating

Traditional pool heat was done either by oil or gas. This can be used across seasons even in the coldest of seasons. However, this is very expensive in the long run. The chemicals used in the pool corrode the traditional heaters reducing their life span to less than 8 years. The installation of oil and gas heaters is very expensive and may go as high as $17,000. The emissions oil and gas may cause emission of greenhouse gases leading to pollution.

A solar pool heater on the other hand uses natural energy and sun’s rays to warm your pool. The sun’s rays do not cause any pollution thus are harmless. The pool pump will then circulate the heated water in the pool until the pool attains a certain level of warmth. Once you install a solar pool heater, the extra costs you may have to bear are just maintenance expenses. This means no fuel costs. Most solar heaters in the market right now will last over 20 years.

You realize that investing a solar pool heater is the most effective way of getting your pool water heated.… Read the rest

Tips on Cleaning RV Furniture

Maintaining an RV can be a lot work over a long period of time. And often times, it’s quite easy to learn about how to maintain the RV, but there is not much information on how you should go about cleaning the furniture inside.

Irv-upholsteryt’s quite important to clean your RV’s furniture on a regular basis because of the fact that they are more prone to become dirty and damaged over the long run than household furniture. This is because of the extreme changes in temperates your RV may encounter. And because of these extreme temperature changes, any type of stain on your furniture will have a major effect on it over the long run.

Furniture which is maintained with high standard methods increases its chance for durability. The furniture may be a sofa, love sofa, coach, in order to increase its fabric material; upholstered cleaning should be done regularly. Also, when furniture is cleaned properly and taken care of this usually preserves the life of it.

The following steps should be followed towards the success of upholstery cleaning of furniture:

  1. Tip 1 – Loose cushions should be removed
    This ensures that the job of furniture cleaning is done thoroughly. This is because all parts of the furniture are cleaned easily and at one time. When the cushions are removed, a brush especially a dusting one is used to remove the furniture’s dust particles. Also, for an efficient job both the cushion sides should be dusted, the underside, and the cushions’ crevices downwards should be dusted also. In addition, behind the furniture should not be forgotten. A dust brush is a tool which ensures effectiveness. This is because it usually helps in making sure that the furniture is free of dust after cleaning is done.
  1. Tip 2 – Vacuuming
    This is the next tip after dusting is done. A hand held or upright vacuum may be used. This process of vacuuming is done on different sections of the furniture. This may include the arms, skirts and also the underside. When vacuuming is finished the cushions are then replaced back.
  1. Tip 3 – Solution cleaning
    You can use water which is warm together with shampoo for cleaning the upholstered furniture. However, you should use shampoo which is specifically for furniture purposes. This is because it is normally mild which favors the fabrics. Detergents used for laundry or dishes should be avoided since they done favor the fabric’s furniture. This is because they affect the color of the furniture. The detergent used for cleaning can affect the conspicuous fabric, hence, to prevent this kind of situation and for safety reasons it should be done in an area which is inconspicuous.Though shampoos used for upholstery cleaning usually do not affect the fabrics, you should have your furniture cleaned by professionals. If you don’t want to hire a professional, you can go and pickup the best upholstery cleaner, and attempt the cleaning process yourself. This might also be a better solution for you if you own an RV because you can simply leave the cleaning agent inside so you can easily clean it, whenever and wherever.

    Anyways, after your furniture is cleaned, it should be dried during night hours. This is because during the day, direct sunlight contributes to pale paint, affects the leather, wood is dried, and also the furniture’s fiber rots.

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How to Buy an RV

Buying an RV, especially a used one can be a daunting task. Because of what RVs are generally used for, and the conditions that they encounter, it’s quite easy for them to age, and get worn out over time. So it’s very important to know what to look for when shopping for a used RV. Below, you’ll see a video which basically goes through some things to look for when buying a used RV so you can avoid buying a lemon.

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